Trans lesbian cam couple Yuki and Sophia (xhotvssexyx) are you average college Asian cam girl roommates. Yuki is taller and athletic, and Sophia is shorter with a curvy build and brunette hair. They spend a lot of time together. After all they're young college roommates. Their day to day is full of time with each other. They do their homework together, put on their make-up together, and change in front of each other. But what nobody on campus knows is that Yuki and Sophia are not only both transgender – and they're been have lesbian sex with each other since the beginning of the year. It started innocently enough. After a day of classes and studies Yuki and Sophia were watching the most recent episode of True Blood and Yuki struck in. “Do you think that's gross?” Yuki said brushing her blonde hair out of the way and eyeing Sophias frame. She'd been looking for a while and was nothing but curious. “What's gross?” Sophia replied. “The way they stick their mouths all over each others necks like that. It doesn't like totally weird you out?” Yuki continued. Sophia clever little slut that she is, didn't take much to catch on. It didn't hurt that Yuki was eyeing her petite hot Asian transgender frame open an obviously with a definite hunger. “Haha I'm not sure...I haven't ever had someone do it to me – I'd have to try it and find out..” That was all the invitation Yuki needed, she smoothly pressed her roommate to the bed and began to nibble and suck on her neck. Within moments her attention, being egged on by Sophia's eager moans, was being pulled lower. She'd pulled Sophia's shirt up and uncovered her perky c cup breasts. She'd seen them a thousand times, but now she'd finally get to taste them. Yuki placed her mouth over Sophia's nipples with a sigh of gratitude, relishing what she had long desired. Sophia let out a groaning sigh of relief. Things were getting hot and heavy, and with the skirt that Sophia was wearing that couldn't be more obvious. While Yuki's mouth continued to work Sophias breasts, her crawled hungrily to Sophias skirt slipping inside and finding it's prize. Sophia gasped. There was no need to explain. Yuki and Sophia had “discovered” each other as transgender early on as roommates sneaking glimpses of each other changing. And Yuki was every bit as visually excited as Sophia – painfully so. She didn't know what she wanted to do first continue lower and explore Sophia even more with her mouth? Climb on top and let Sophia fill her up? Or maybe...because she was in an aggressive mood tonight – climb inside of Sophia and fill her up. The possibilities were endless and the night was young...


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