The year 2015 is about to bid us farewell, not to worry, though, 2016 is is right around the corner and it is looking good for the gay cam industry. The talent pool of potential is looking good. There are models popping up from all over the world. Giving us a front-row seat to look into hot guys rooms and into their cultures, sex lives and more. Here is a list of our Top 10 Gay Cam Models To Watch Out For In 2016; enjoy.

10 - gay cam model AndrewStevans

10) – AndrewStevans

9 - hard20cock gay live chat xxx top model

Surprisingly, this 23-year-old hunk had just started his career in the adult industry barely one year ago, yet here he is. He's definitely recognized as one of the top gay cam models and with his wild boyish looks; he has the potential to make it big in 2016.

9) – Hard20Cock

9 - hard20cock gay live chat xxx top model

With a body built for action, Hard20Cock can be gentle, mean and somewhere in between. If you find his big biceps awe-inspiring, hot and sexy, you have GOT to see his cock. It's large to say the least. If you're ever in need of a hot, heavy pounding, Hard20Cock is the guy for the job.

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8) – TommBigger

8 - TommBigger live sex cam gay boy

He is a hot latino gay guy who is very versatile when he's live on cam. At only 18 years old, this teen gay cam boy entered the adult industry to earn a living. Now being one of the top gay cam guys he has people flock to his live sex chatroom. Making money hand over fist. Intrigued?It is for you to find out if TommBigger if the gay cam boy for you.

7) – MarkPresley

7- gay cam male markpresley

This dude, only 20, has got black hair and brown eyes that perfectly complement his fair white skin. Not only that, but it also matches his huge cock with an I-want-to-suck-it pink mushroom head. He prefers to be on top, though does bottom too. He can’t deny that as he has a nice huge dildo on the end of his bed!

6) – AdamSin1

5 - adamsin1 Gay fetish male entertainer

Leather-lover, AdamSin1, is like a rock star of the adult cam industry. Don’t you want to get kinky and dirty with this blue-eyed bad boy? Just one look, he will surely hypnotize you and get your cock hard and throbbing. His popularity on GayLiveChat is rapidly growing giving AdamSin1 a comfortable sixth position in our top gay cam article.  

5) – LiamV

4 - liamv teen gay cam boy from

Sports lover at heart; he plays them all. He loves to play in the bedroom as well. He'll grab your bat and even play with your balls. As one of his avid fans commented on his page, “LiamV has an amazing body and a nice personality. He works very hard for you in private. Don’t miss his show!” I would just like to add his balls are great too. :P

4) – Gaysbeastdream

4 - gaysbeastdream white male cam model

His masculine well-chiseled figure comes with a huge cock attached to it; he keeps his body trim by going to the gym and jacking off regularly. As his pages promises, you can have him anytime you want. Even if he is eating or in the gym, you are his priority. How about that for service with a smile, huh?

3) – GuyHotCockx

3 - Latin Gay Cams Model - GuyHotCockx

This 20-year-old Latino male cam performer has a charming smile paired with an equally enchanting pair of brown eyes. GuyHotCockx is an intelligent and great conversationalist. This young piece of eye-candy can be found online most nights keeping his regulars company and sending them to bed smiling.

2) – ZacharyLee

2 - live gay chat xxx star zackarylee

ZacharyLee could arguably snatch the top position from our list. This sexy ass, young, playful guy is a contender for sure. His viewers sing his praise, his regulars can never get enough. ZacharyLee will give you everything you want and leave you needing more. He never fails to deliver the goods. His cock is ever hard, and he'll bring you both to climax no questions asked!

1) – JosephRhodes

1- live gay sex chat model josephrhodes

Oh, JosephRhodes! You hot, hung, bilingual, chiseled god, I love how you bless us with your online presence. He speaks Italian, French and English that fact alone is enough to give a guy a raging hard-on. Always looking fresh, always ready to give his huge hot load and is a giver as much as he is a receiver. Hot. Hunk. Versatile. Huge. Hmm, perfect! 

Well, we hope that you enjoyed reading our Top 10 Gay Cam Model article. They are the top gay cam models that are predicted become even bigger stars in 2016. Tell us what you think in the comment section below and don't forget to tweet, like, share and socialize our posts. Let us know what you want us to write about next.


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