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The Male G-spot, also known as the prostate, gives the ultimate orgasm when stimulated properly. The prostate when massaged releases seminal fluid from the penis, and it is truly and orgasmic experience. Massaging the p-spot is very pleasurable and to top it off, it's healthy and good for you. The nerve endings present in the prostate – when properly stimulated– can cause intense body shaking orgasms. And that's exactly what I experienced when I used's Bulbous Steel Prostate Massager. I first saw this device when I was watching hot TS cam babe msKellyBerry. She was using it as she was stroking on cam in our private chat. I was mesmerized by it and I knew I had to have it.

I've spent quite a bit of time and money in search of the p-spot orgasm. I have bought long dildos, fat dildos, vibrators, dildos that vibrate and even used household items (pervertables) all to be thoroughly disappointed with the results. Sure, stimulating the prostate gland while masturbating will intensify an orgasm, but what about the leg shaking, toe curling orgasms everyone is talking about in the milking forums?

Prostate Toys I tried:

• Regular realistic 8" dildoThis was –obviously– good for penetration but was not very effective as a P-spot stimulator. It just lacked that special something.• Stud Finder Steel Prostate Milking StickThis was "alright", but the design is ultimately lacking. The toy itself is very straight and has no curve angle it to my prostate. Because it's so straight it was not as effective as the Bulbous Steel Prostate Massager. The egg on the end was good, but overall a this was a disappointing device.• Bullet VibeThis was hardly an effective solution. While the vibration is really nice, bullet vibes are pretty tiny. This vibrator was way too small to reach the prostate without having the whole vibe inside my ass. That presents a problem in itself, after fully inserting it it's a struggle to get it out!  I just ended up using it on the perineum as I stroked.• The Bulbous Steel Massager. (My new personal favorite)Buying this device has been the best thing to happen since my P-spot journey started last year.

About the Bulbous Steel Massager in the words of

The Bulbous Steel Prostate Massagers / Dildo is a double-sided anal toy that delights at both ends. The curved side provides a great angle and large ball for prostate milking, while the other end has three graduated, evenly spaced bulbs for your thrusting pleasure.
The slender stainless steel rod provides comfortable penetration for beginners and experts alike, while its inflexibility allows for firm prostate massage. Add even more sensation to your sessions by warming up or cooling down the Prostate Massager in hot or cold water. Then sit back, relax, and watch your submissive squirm. Made from medical grade stainless steel, the Bulbous Steel Prostate Massager is phthalate-free, easy to clean and disinfect, and can be used alone or with a partner.


• Curved design reaches the prostate really well • Medical grade steel is easy to clean • The solid stainless steel shaft makes it a very attractive and elegant looking toy (even though it's rather inexpensive) • Because metal is a conductor it adapts to you body temperature, or can be chilled down for a more tingly sensation • The bent and twisted steel angles makes for a very vigorous massage. You can change the sensation completely by spinning the device around.


• It's hard to keep a good grip when it's all lubed up • Could be slightly thicker • Could be slightly longer. There were times when I wanted to go in deeper but couldn't. It had nothing to do with the p-spot stimulation, though. More to do with penetration. (Am I just being greedy? sorry, not sorry.) This is the best experience I have had using a prostate massager. I found the spot really fast and I was able to build up and focus on what was necessary (and not have to worry about fumbling around with the toy). I will continue to review the toys I buy and use. I have many more I want to try. The next is the Nexus Revo Intense. FUN! Do you have any preference on prostate toys? If so leave comments below, I'd love to hear what toys others are using to aid in perfect prostate stimulation play.



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