Hey there fans! Meagan Nutwood here. This is my introductory blog and all I can say is Wow! I'm finally back In LA after 7 months! During those 7 months I have barely been doing anything, just smoking tons of weed, playing video games to get my mind off of several ex boyfriends and procrastinating the fuck out of life!


The last time I was in LA, I was involved in a serious relationship. I lived with this guy, spent every waking moment with this guy and quite frankly felt quite stifled by him. I couldn't do me! And what do I consider doing me? Well, I like to party, go shopping, make money to spend money, live, laugh and love. It's a shame when someone you want to spend your life with gets in the way of the things that make you happy.

I put up a couple of ads while I was here last time but I could barely see any clients just because of the constant nagging and whining of my emotionally draining ex. Well, now I'm back with out any strings attached and I'm ready to show LA what they've been

missing! Once I miss a hormone shot or two that is... Cause did I mention how cum hungry the guys are out here? Like damn, Canada spoiled me rotten. I'm generally known for my pretty face, big cock TS and huge loads but since I started going hard with the hormones, my hefty loads have been compromised a bit. While escorting in Canada, my clients, new and repeating, didn't at all seem to mind. They just wanted a beautiful goddess with a cock that could cum. Here in LA it's like, they don't want to see the girls that are on hormones, lol. I've been specifically asked if I was on hormones or not because this guy wanted a huge thick and creamy load... Well honestly, if those are the rules of the game out here, I don't mind playing it that way at all!

I love being the new girl in town, being fresh meat and having a new beginning.

I've met some great people out here, people that can help me get to where I'm going while receiving help from me as well. I've been procrastinating hard on becoming a live sex cam model. But now that I'm closer to my "team mates" it gives me more drive and confidence to get into it and rock it like I know I can. I've got way too much sexiness going on to not share it with my fans in my own special way!

So I guess you may be wondering what to expect from me while I'm in LA. Well, my main focuses right now is getting my cam status established which will be happening soon but if you feel like you're getting blue balls while you wait, I suggest you give me a call and experience the real thing because I can assure you there is nothing better than having me in front of you fulfilling your "deepest, darkest fantasies".



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