You see many guys in Live TS chat rooms and on dating sites that don't know how to act when they are trying to chat to trans girls and guys. People seem to all be talking the same shit, thinking that they've never heard the same line from every other guy they encounter online and in person. If you think you sound stupid saying it, it probably should not be said at all. So here are five things you shouldn't say to a trans person online or in person.


 1. "I'm straight usually but I would hook up with you."

This has to be the most used when it comes to trans girls, like your closet flattery is going to get you anywhere. The guys who say this kind of thing need to realize that 90% of the guys who ever tried talk to her used this. The funny thing is, the guy is probably stretched out sloppy bottoms that think that all TGirls want to fuck and hookup with a guy who is straight.

2. "I'm a virgin but would totally......."

This is the funniest of all the things; this probably equates to walking up to a girl and saying "Hi, I don't know what I'm doing in bed, but I want to try it out with you." Hey, maybe some girls do like inexperience, but from my experience girls (and guys) like to get with someone who can fuck. You know.... so they can enjoy themselves during intercourse. You should probably get some fucking under your belt and say something like. "Give me a chance, and I'll make your toes curl."

3. "What surgery have you had?"

This is just plain rude. What you are asking is what genitalia do you have between your legs. Try talking about genitalia to a non-trans person to see what sort answer you get. I am not an expert but talking to a woman about her vagina or a guy about his penis is off the table, unless you are in a relationship or the person is letting you know something about his or her private parts.

4. “I wouldn't ever be able to tell!”

Telling a trans person you would never be able to tell she was actually the opposite sex is the whole point, and actually the way they want to be perceived in life. The have always felt like they were born as the wrong gender, and now they are living as who they want to be it is like you are reminding them of who they were. It is equally as rude to say something like "your so passable."

5. "Which restroom do you normally use?"

A random question like this deserves a punch straight in the jaw bone. Who cares which bathroom they choose to use? Unless you have some toilet play fetish then restroom use should not be on your mind.



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